GSuite Dashboards

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For the past few weeks, i have been on vacation in Costa Rica, yes, I know it is one of the inherent issues of now being retired and being able to do what I want with my time. Prior to coming to CR on January 1st, I had been developing my newest project, Gsuite Dashboards. […]


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Edventurizon Last February I attended the IntegratED Conference in Portland, OR. There I had many great sessions with some great session leaders and Keynote speakers. I heard people using this term an Edventure, and got this idea to build a site from which to stage my training platform as I move into the consulting phase […]

Instructional Tech that works – well

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For the past two years in my role as the Director of Technology in La Grande, OR, we have been working diligently to perfect the  blend of Instructional Tools that enable teachers to think differently about the kinds of lessons that they provide students. The SAMR Model is a way of thinking about lesson design that helps instructors transform […]

SOU Keynote

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Periscope to live broadcast good video on math teaching and a giant chalkboard with students leaving information gatekeeper information is fragmented life is an open book test literacy has changed a lot the addage of cronkite that’s the way it is….. what word does not belong – nose, anvil, horse, clock interaction and feedback is a […]

Seamless Technology

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This past week at our monthly school board meeting, one of our third grade teaching teams did a demonstration of math instruction with third graders. With a three year focus on math at the weekly PLC team meetings, I think the presentation shows the depth of understanding that students have developed. Take a look at the […]


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I was going through some files on my laptop and i found this recording I had made several summers ago when visiting my mother, who was 92 years old at the tile. She is now just turned 95 on November 6, 2014. I found this short recording quite interesting. This was made when I thought […]

Google Rocks

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It was an interesting school board meeting last night. A little background to this story. For over a year I have been doing the majority of my phone calls with my computer. I have a google voice number and within my gmail account and hangouts, I use these features to do free nationwide calling. It […]

A Table and other new things

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Data set One Data set 2 Cell A1 Cell B1 Cell A2 Cell B2 I have been experimenting with the stuff that this guy posts: There has been talk about whether Google Sites is as good a platform as say Drupal or WordPress. I am here going to experiment with adding some content to the […]